Our classes

Class Groups:

Each Session Last 45 Minutes

We have classes running 6 days a week, morning and afternoon throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Session locations

Footstars updated class times and centre


Monday: Altens Community Centre
09.30-10.15, (2-3 years)
10.15-11.00, (3-5 years)
11.00-11.45, (2-3 years)
16.00-16.45, (Advanced class, 5-7 years)
16.45-17.30, (Advanced class, 5-7 years)

Tuesday: Portlethen Parish Church Hall
09:30-10:15, (2-3 years)
10:15-11:00, (3-5 years)
11:00-11:45, (2-3 years)
11:45-12:30, (2-3 years)
13:15-14:00, (3-5 years)
14:00-14:45, (3-5 years)

Thursday: Aberdeen Sports Village
10.00-10.45, (3-5 years)
10.45-11.30, (2-3 years)
11.30-12.15, (2-3 years)

Friday: Crathes Hall
09.45-10.30, 10.30-11.15 13.00-13.45 (3-5 years)
11.15-12.00, (2-3 years)

Saturday: Peterculter Sports Centre
09:15-10:00, (2-3 years)
10:00-10:45, (2-3 years)
10:45-11:30, (2-3 years)
11:30-12:15, (3-5 years)
12:15-13:00, (3-5 years)
13:00-13:45, (Plus class,4-6 years)

Sunday: Peterculter Sports centre
09.15-10:00, 10:00-10.45, 10:45-11.30 (3-5 years)
11:30-12:15, 12:15-13.00, (Plus class, 4-6 years)
13:00-13:45, (Advanced class, 5-7 years)

When you find a time/centre/day that is suitable for you. Please email through your child’s name including surname and date of birth along with a contact telephone number and we can register them into a class sending you full details about coming along.

We offer 10% discount for 2nd child. W/L indicates that class is on a waiting list - you can still register for this class and will be contacted when a place becomes available.

You can join anytime, even within a block as we have different activities every week and children work at their own level of development within the group.

Footstars Plus Classes*

For boys and girls who need that additional step in coaching to introduce them gradually to the game and rules of football with their own age group. We believe by taking small steps at a time to teach your child skill and control of the ball will help them achieve a good understanding of pass and movement, visual awareness and have more confidence to control the ball in a game situation.

All classes have limited numbers so each child gets individual attention. We will continue to have lots of activities that will enhance their balance and co-ordination. As we progress from 1V1 games to 2V2 with parent involvement then onto games just involving children. At this early stage of their football life it is important that the children enjoy the games and get lots of touches of the ball and score some goals! - Small sided games will allow each child to get involved and express themselves! We have found by involving parents, children gain confidence and can learn quicker.

Footstars Advanced Classes

For children who excel, why not consider enrolling your child in one of our advanced classes.